Health IT Summit in Denver - July 12-13, 2016

Join the Transformative Discussions Shaping the Next Decade in Healthcare

U.S. healthcare is at an inflection point right now, as policy mandates and internal healthcare system reform begin to take hold, system-wide. How can healthcare leaders move into the new healthcare? Now that electronic health records and other healthcare IT tools and systems are becoming universalized, the next big leap will be into the robust leveraging of technology to achieve the broad aims of value-based healthcare delivery and payment. The health care system is moving forward rapidly to implement strategies around population health management, accountable care, and consumer and community engagement, that will shape the next decade in healthcare.

At iHT2 Health IT Summits, renowned leaders in U.S. and North American healthcare gather to present important information and share insights. Discussions and interactive sessions lead to shared learnings and exceptional networking. Healthcare leaders participate in transformative discussions and benefit from a unique environment for learning and professional growth.

Health IT Summit, Denver Topics Includes:

  • Analytics and Care Management: Population Health Management Strategies in 2016
  • Enabling a Seamless Patient Record with Interoperability
  • Protecting your Patients ePHI from Cyber Security Threats
  • Realizing Improved Patient Outcomes through Clinical Workflow
  • Eliminating Telehealth Barriers: Strategies for Adoption
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Conference Program Highlights

  • Protecting your Patients ePHI from Cyber Security Threats
    • Identify risk assessment strategies
    • Address Accountability and new HIPAA regulations
    • Discuss how to strike a balance between security and usability
  • Advances in Patient Care through Big Data
    • Identify strategies for the use of data analyses to make informed clinical decision making at the point of care
    • Discuss how to start an analytics program at your organization and what tools are necessary
    • Address challenges surrounding big data, such as technical difficulties, data ownership and privacy concerns
  • The Future of Patient Engagement in Healthcare
    • Address patient portals as a tool to engage patients
    • Discuss the role of mHealth, wearables, and gamefication play in patient engagement
    • Identify which patient population benefit most from patient engagement
Summit Co-Chairs
Drex DeFord
Founder | Independent Consultant
drexio digital health
Former CHIME Chairman
Al Villarin, MD, FACEP
CMIO & Associate CIO
Director, Division of Quality Analytics
Staten Island University Hospital, Northshore-LLJ Healthsystem
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