Florida Health IT Summit
July 24 - 25, 2018
Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
7:15 AM
8:00 AM
8:15 AM
Join the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Medical Information Officer from Baptist Health as they discuss how they are leading the next generation of transformation in their organziation all while balancing technology integration and demands placed on clincial teams with the implementation of new technology.
9:00 AM
Join our panelists as they discuss the importance of being able to gather quantifiable quality data in a timely manner to inform clinical decisions and provide healthcare organizations drive the transformation of care. The conversation will focus on how providers can and are using technology to extract value from data for clinical quality initiatives, population health programs and more.
10:00 AM
10:45 AM
Healthcare's next generation of "Star Trek technologies" is closer than you think, and is pushing healthcare organizations to boldly go where no one has gone before. The Florida Hospital Nicholson Center is one of the leading surgical training and innovation centers in the country, spawning new and emerging robotics and artificial intelligence applications that are spawning new standards for quality of care.  In this visionary keynote presentation, hear from Florida Hospital Nicholson Center Chief Technology Officer, Roger Smith, as he reveals the pilot project management practices, the latest technologies coming out of their research and development efforts, and why pushing the envelope is so paramount to remain viable in the value-driven world of healthcare.
11:15 AM
Cybercriminals are consistently exploiting human nature to accomplish their goals. Healthcare information systems are an especially attractive target. While prudent security leaders know that security awareness and training is key – they often don’t know where to start. In this session, you’ll learn practical security awareness and behavior management tips, where tools are helpful, and advice to help your healthcare organization strengthen its human firewall.
11:45 AM
Health Information Exchange is an evolving landscape.  This presentation will make sure attendees understand how available services and resources can positively influence patient workflows.  Information will focus on the NEW and Improved Florida HIE services, potential funding opportunities for Florida HIE participants, and plans for future service development.  This learning opportunity will highlight available services and resources supporting the move to value based models of care and available tools to help meet patient expectations and government program requirements.
Listen in as our guest speaker brings together the threads of quality, IT, and data analysis and reviews top tactics to preventing avoidable readmissions, and how they keep their organization out of the penalty business.
12:15 PM
12:45 PM
Join Carey Officer, Operational Vice President of Nemours CareConnect, Center for Health Delivery Innovation at Nemours Children’s Health System to discuss Nemours' cutting edge telehealth program that keeps caregivers and patients engaged. 
1:15 PM
The next big thing.  Often described as transformational, disruptive, and groundbreaking—the next big thing in the year 2017 within healthcare, is clearly artificial intelligence (AI).  But what practical impacts can the AI of today have on the healthcare environment?
“Siri”-like AI has found a profound niche already within the lives of patients and providers alike, as AI can remind a patient to fill a prescription, help a patient book a checkup, remind a nurse to turn a patient to prevent pressure ulcers, and host of other actions.  Whereas “HAL”-like AI is an active technology-based conscious that can problem solve highly complex medical issues based upon patient data.  
In healthcare, the future of “HAL” AI will be to anticipate, identify and treat a heart attack or stroke in at-risk patients, or improve processes to greatly increase the quality of pediatric, cancer, or prenatal care.  Some elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning are already being applied to business processes to adjust nurse scheduling based upon patient loads and forecasting, or informing patients of cancellations or vacancies to fill appointments more efficiently.  So with that said, where are we now?  Is artificial intelligence a practical reality now?
Join national CIO leader David Chou, who will explore the depths of AI applications that will guide a digital transformation, and the strategies that will power future compelling provider pilots.
1:45 PM
Join John D'Agostino from CenturyLink as he discusses cyber threats to hospital enterprises and provides tips on how to combat them leveraging actionable threat intelligence.
2:15 PM
2:45 PM
Are you focusing on the right things to protect your hospital 2018? Today’s attacks are spreading faster, evolving quicker, and evading even the most widely used security solutions. 54% of hospitals suffered a successful attack in 2017 costing $301 per employee (Ponemon Institute) . Challenged with limited resources and bandwidth, the most exposed part of many organizations is usually the least protected; endpoints. In this presentation security industry veteran, Jack Danahy, will teach you about the latest threats targeting your organization and strategies to close your protection gap.
Learning objectives
•    How ransomware bypasses existing security solutions
•    The cost and operational impact of a successful ransomware attack
•    Strategies for reducing risk and protecting your organization from ransomware and other attacks
3:15 PM
As a private, not-for-profit community health system serving 17 counties in Florida and across state lines into Georgia, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare's telehealth initiatives has delivered value in a variety of notable ways. Tallahassee and it's surrounding regions include a major metropolitan area, with several outlying a rural populations who often have very limited access to medical resources and care service lines within the area.
In response to this need, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare's telehealth program is now expanding behavioral health services to these rural communities, formulating new partnerships with rural providers to expand coverage of lives, and providing both specialist and emergency consults that are driving down costs exponentially across the enterprise.
In this dynamic talk, Lauren Faison, Director of the Telehealth service line at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare delivers a detailed account of their success story. Hear about what is on the horizon to expand this line and how they are expanding remote monitoring technologies to deliver even greater value to their patients.
3:45 PM
Health and the patient experience has gone digital. It is an undeniable fact of today's healthcare landscape that the emergence of eHealth initiatives has driven better care, showing true value to provider organizations. According to a 2017 HIMSS Analytics survey, telemedicine has risen to an adoption rate of 71 percent, up from approximately 54 percent in a 2014 survey, and that number promises to rise even further as providers continue to see immense value in these efforts.
In this engaging panel, visit with top changemakers as they illuminate the technologies and initiatives that are monitoring, engaging, and delivering value to patients of all kinds. Attend this session and: Discover the latest telehealth, tele-ICU, remote patient monitoring, and patient-facing mobile apps that are empowering and engaging patients Outline a strategic vision for launch and growth of eHealth programs Illustrate the next wave of telehealth innovations around population health and wellness, to continue growing patient value offering
4:45 PM
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
7:30 AM
8:30 AM
8:45 AM
Blockchain continues to advance in healthcare circles from buzzword to reality.  Several provider organizations have already undertaken successful pilot programs nationwide, but questions still remain.  Is the future of clinical interactions facilitated by Blockchain?
  • What are the real benefits of disruptive technologies like blockchain in adding value to digital health?
  • Facts and fictions: what weakness and barriers hinder the adoption of blockchain and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies in the complex, progressively value-based healthcare ecosystem?
  • What role do neuroeconomics, cryptoeconomics, and artificial intelligence (AI) play in the future of digital personalized and preventive, Wholesome Medicine?
Join this dynamic keynote session with Dr. Ben Schanker of the American Board of Medical Quality to provide the latest update on Blockchain technologies.
9:30 AM
Join Rena Brewer, the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Partnership for telehealth to continue the discussions on telehealth propelling healthcare forward on day two of the health IT Summit.
10:15 AM
10:45 AM
Dr. Phil Smith has 40 years healthcare experience and Board Certified in Family Medicine with subspecialty of Clinical Informatics (ABPM).
Phil currently serves on the Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA 405(d)) Task Force for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
He was an early adopter of electronic health records in 1993, He has served in leadership in all provider areas of healthcare from private practice, group practice, community hospital and large integrated delivery system.
He has automated over 60 hospitals, thousands of physicians, and authored two books.
Making Computerized Provider Order Entry Work, Springer, London, ©2012
Med Wreck: Proposing a Solution for the Nightmare of Medication Reconciliation ©2017
He does independent healthcare consulting under MedMorph LLC (medmorph.com) and is founder and senior editor of HealthITaccelerator.com, providing numerous resources for Health IT.
Prior VP/CMIO for Adventist Health System (9+ years) and CMIO The Moffitt Cancer Center (2013- Jan. 2016)
11:15 AM
How important is cybersecurity to the healthcare enterprise? The only way to know is to experience it first hand.
In this engaging, interactive tabletop exercise, Josh Singletary, Chief Information Officer of the National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, we'll experience a live cybersecurity breach scenario where clinical and IT team members alike will collaborate with one another to migitate the risk, and limit the damage of a potential intrusion.
12:00 PM
12:30 PM
Join our keynote speaker to discuss significant challenges to healthcare IT organizations and how to combat them by creating an IT governance and project prioritization processes for your organization.
1:15 PM