2018 Minneapolis Health IT Summit - Agenda

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
7:15 AM
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In just the past few years, the evolution of the Chief Information Officer in healthcare has moved from helpdesk overseer to enterprise-disrupting business partner across all business lines.  In this evolution, comes the optimization of the electronic health record (EHR), integration efforts, positioning to support data analytics and population health efforts.
As a health system supergiant, Mayo Clinic is an award-winning provider organization with campuses in Rochester, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Jacksonville-- presenting a unique challenge to support IT across various campuses and clinics.  Ultimately it is a culture of agile change management that has driven success in this process, and in this session join Mayo Clinic CIO Cris Ross, as he reviews these tenants and best practices that has led Mayo to success.
9:00 AM
Population Health
Scenario: Mr. Johnson is a 70-year old smoker, living with diabetes and hypertension, and struggles with movement. He's been readmitted through the emergency department several times within the past 6 months, and rarely makes his follow up care appointments.
What we don't know though, is the biggest issue. Mr. Johnson lives on the third floor of an apartment building with a consistently broken elevator, and he doesn't have a car or city bus pass-- all of this uncaptured in the EHR. Its the social determinants of health that are keeping him on a higher-risk scale, and its what we didn't know that makes care management difficult.
In this session, join our expert panel as we explore the intersection of population health, analytics, care management, and the absolutely paramount nature of analyzing social determinants of health.
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Understanding and continuously assessing endpoints can be the difference between securing an environment or becoming the next Office of Civil Rights (OCR) breach example.  According to the Center for Internet Security's Controls framework, the first five controls are foundational principles for effective cyber hygiene.  These tenants include understanding the inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices, along with authorized and unauthorized software.  In a recent Dimensional Research survey, 52 percent of respondents indicated their cybersecurity program has either major weaknesses, or several minor weaknesses.  Identifying and building a thorough endpoints risk registry is ultimately paramount to future success.
In this session, visit with our expert speaker as he identifies the top practices for information security, and how understanding network end point weaknesses can help organizations build and understand their cybersecurity risk profile.
11:15 AM
Prime ACO improves care by helping doctors and hospitals work together to prepare for future value-based reimbursement models. The Prime ACO leadership team will share their journey in building award-winning ACO's throughout the country that are helping reduce the cost of healthcare and provide better service.
11:45 AM
Data is unquestionably the Golden Thread that brings together and binds providers and payers in modern healthcare, and understanding the strands of predictive analytics and active intelligence can be the difference between a successful ACO and a struggling one.  Quality is undoubtedly a critical focus in this equation as well. The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), used by an estimated 90 percent of hospitals nationwide to evaluate care quality, can also be a fertile area of consideration for evaluation.  

Join longtime national leader and Senior Executive with Capital Blue Cross, Mark A. Caron, as he takes a deep dive into the modern payer-provider relationship, analytics and collaboration that is possible between organizations, and the evaluation areas that are generating the next wave of quality improvements.
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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about health care, it’s that we can always expect change. And the past year has been no different. Even with all the changes that have taken place, a lot of questions remain. Is the shift to value-based care ever going to completely happen? How does recent merger and acquisition activity affect you? How can you streamline our data and make it actionable?


In this session, you will hear and see what your industry peers think about value-based care, emerging technologies and more. There are a lot of opinions out there about what will happen in health care, but what do other health system executives think about it? Recent research sheds some interesting light on this topic.


1:15 PM
Hyper-convergence is a oft-used buzzword now within health IT circles, especially as the advent of new technologies around flexible infrastructure continue to disrupt the marketplace.  However, hyper-converged computing represents a unique area of opportunity for healthcare IT teams, especially in the face of demands from leadership for greater flexibility, and lower time-to-market for new built or merged facilities or locations.  So what exactly is hyper-convergence and how does it fit into the IT roadmap?
In this engaging talk, we will define the term of hyper-convergence, explore the modern healthcare CIO's roadmap, and outline realistic expectations as well as real-world examples of organizations that are revisiting their infrastructure in this manner.
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2:15 PM
Patient Experience
University of Iowa Heath is no stranger to accolades-- recognized by Forbes Magazine as the Number 5 employer in healthcare nationally, highlighted for years as a prestigious HIMSS Level 7 organization, and regularly honored as one of the best hospitals in the country.  
In 2017, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics opened the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City, a state-of-the-art children's hospital built on the premise of high-quality and specialized care focused on the priority of engaging their pediatric patients.  From iPads, to engaging in-room displays, to the University of Iowa football tradition of waving at the beginning of the 2nd quarter during home games, the patient experience takes center stage at all touch points to deliver a quality experience.
In this inspiring and engaging keynote presentation, hear from Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Maia Hightower, as she defines how UI Hospitals and Clinics designed this experience from the foundation up, how technology is fully integrated into the experience, and how quality and HCAHPS scoring has been influence by their revolutionary approach.
3:00 PM
The concept of risk exposure in cybersecurity is an ever-evolving challenge. In a large-scale breach situation, the lines of liability can often be blurred providing providers to exposure to risk or legal entanglements depending on enterprise risk assessments and contract negotiations with vendor partners.
In this talk, hear from Health IT legal expert Gerard Nussbaum, as he reviews the top areas of consideration for legal risks and network risk assessment when partnering with new organizations. Listen in to hear legal considerations around patient privacy, network liability, patching, and other critical aspects of cybersecurity-- ultimately developing a strategy for contracting a win-win partnership with technology partners.
3:30 PM
Value-Based Care

The transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-value payment models is one of the greatest challenges our healthcare system faces. Realizing the full potential of these arrangements requires a level of communication, information sharing, and data integration at a scale that has not been seen before. Join our panelists as they discuss how their organizations are navigating these challenges and figuring out how to reimagine their patient engagement strategies, business process changes, provider arrangements, and approach to data analytics that will help them successfully execute a transition to value-based care.

4:30 PM
Join your fellow attendees at the end of the day to toast what you've learned and the new connections you've made.
Thursday, June 14, 2018
7:15 AM
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Clinical Transformation
In the midst of a system-wide transition to Epic, Mayo Clinic's clinical workflows and processes are being retooled and redefined with user interaction and advanced clinical informatics approaches at the center of their effort.
In this engaging presentation, hear board-certified clinical informaticist and expert Dr. Karl Poterack of the Mayo Clinic team to see how applied clinical informatics and payer data is being applied in Mayo's migration to Epic. Discussion topics include: 
  • How to identify issues and challenges in practice/workflow convergence
  • How to recognize the relationship of informatics core content to EHR conversion/convergence
  • How to evaluate and choose the right change management strategies for your organization
8:45 AM
Population Health
Following President Trump's declaration of the Opioid Crisis as a National Health Emergency, national initiatives have begun to take shape and receive a white-hot spotlight. In the state of Minnesota, much as it has nationwide, patient presenting with opioid overdoses has become rampant among certain patient groups.
This panel will attempt to address the concerns around opioid use, and how IT can be positioned to support better quality care and treatment of opioids in the future.
9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Managing the health of a population adds a layer of complexity to healthcare IT, exposing the transactional nature of legacy systems including EHR/EMRs.  Healthcare organizations have traditionally relied upon the expertise of the vendors, with mixed results.  Today, open source technologies are easier to adopt than every before, and offer a low-cost, high-value path to success in a Value-based Care environment.
10:45 AM
In this engaging, interactive exercise, Josh Singletary, Chief Information Officer of the National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, we'll walk attendees through a real-world scenario of a healthcare organization experiencing a business email compromise. Clinical and IT team members alike will collaborate with one another to identify solutions that limit the damage of the intrusion through an email phishing attempt.
This exercise is applicable to anyone who works in a clinical or IT setting.
Session Facilitator:
11:45 AM
Trauma. Angina. Heart attacks. No, this isn't just another day in your Emergency Department, it's the newest threat to patient safety - cybercrime. From crippling ransomware attacks that leave computers and EMRs inaccessible, to sophisticated social engineering schemes that drain payroll accounts, healthcare has been devastated by wave after wave of criminal activity. For the first time in history - cybersecurity has become life or death. But just like healthcare, there's hope.
The very same issues that make our hospitals, clinics and networks vulnerable may also be our greatest assets - but only if you know how to respond effectively. Thriving in this digital age of cybercrime doesn't require a brain surgeon, it only requires determination and hard work.
Join GreyCastle Security as we define corrective incident response procedures and the cybersecurity tactics that will save patients' lives in the years to come.
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
The expansion of specialized data use cases across the enterprise has become an undeniable force for impacting patient care.  For specialty and sub-specialties, deep analytics and dedicated analysis of this data can lead to revolutionary changes in care plans that impact entire populations.  In the world of heart health, this impact can be massive, and the Minnesota-based provider organization Allina Health, data analytics is the critical bedrock for averting emergency episodes like heart failure, stroke, myocardial infarction and a host of other ailments.
In this talk, hear from the 1st place Healthcare Informatics Innovator award-winning team from Allina Health, as they highlight the value of an enterprise data warehouse and advanced analytical tools to drive meaningful improvement in cardiovascular outcomes and costs.
2:00 PM