Speakers & sessions for the 2019 New England Health IT Summit will be announced soon.
The 2018 Summit was August 7-August 8 in Downtown Boston. Presentation topics included:
  • Managing the Risk Madness: The Value-Based Return on Data Quality
  • Lessons Learned in Pediatric Care Organizations that Can Help Your Organization
  • How UMass Memorial is Advancing Health IT Strategy to Support Population Health Efforts
  • How Cloud Can Support the Digital Healthcare Revoultion and Help You Realize Operational Efficiencies Today
  • Improving Care Management - Rhode Island Quality Institute's Journey in Connecting Opioid Treatment Teams
  • Ransomware, Response and Resilience: Avoiding Your Next Cyber Heart Attack
  • Ransomware Risks: What We Learned From NotPETYA and WannaCry
  • From Security Vulnerabilities to Better Practices: Our Cybersecurity Journey
  • Setting up for Success: Avoid Common Contractual Issues by Asking Questions and Negotiating
  • Advancing Interoperability and Igniting FHIR and API Innovation
  • On The Eve of Quantum Computing: The Definitive need for Crypto Agility
  • Glancing at the Boston Healthcare Provider Market: Consolidation and Physicians
  • Behavioral Health in a Digital World, Trends and Considerations
2018 Featured Speakers Include:
Bill Gillis
Chief Information Officer
Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization
Daniel Nigrin, MD, MS
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Boston Children's Hospital
Sarah Sossong, MPH, FACHE
Flare Capital
Micky Tripathi
President & Chief Executive Officer
Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative