Summit Sponsorship Opportunities
In a recent survey, over 66% of Health IT Summit attendees, responded that they do not feel they are maximizing the use of their IT budget and receiving the appropriate ROI. As health care decision makers build out their criteria for technology solutions and services over the next 6-24 months your organization must work to build relationships and brand awareness in an effort to be positioned on your target market's purchasing shortlist. Educational content distribution with the Health IT Summits via face-to-face meetings, educational webinars, research and the appropriate messaging will equal a successful marketing mix that contains three key ingredients:
  1. Thought Leadership
  2. Networking
  3. Branding
Thought Leadership:
  • Partner with us today to take an executive leadership role at one of the highly interactive and intimate Health IT Summits attracting key decision makers and technology buyers. Your organization will have the opportunity to present a success story alongside a client or join a panel discussion programmed with your team to educate the market on the latest industry trends and best practices.
  • Drive leads and revenue growth for your sales force with a webinar. Tell a success story over the web with the our interactive webinar series or join a discussion that we are already hosting to establish and reinforce credibility with your target market.
  • Author an Educational Content Distribution project via research to educate the health care industry and differentiate your organization’s value proposition as a leader in your sector.
  • Build relationships with decision makers and key influencers. Save the time and resources by accessing high level decision makers, face-to-face, to more accurately understand your client’s needs and build rapport.
  • Be top of mind with decision makers and embrace a comprehensive marketing strategy because one-off marketing is not effective. Partner with us today to create the name recognition and awareness your organization deserves, so you are positioned on your target market’s purchasing shortlist.