Opioids and Stimulants: Addressing These Complex Cases​

Baltimore, MD -  Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 11am – 1pm (ET)
Whether working in a mental health private practice or in a primary addiction treatment setting, clinical professionals of all types are encountering more and more patients using not only opioids, but stimulants as well. Opioids may dominate headlines, but professionals are seeing an increase in cocaine, meth, and other stimulant use. Some are even calling this a “twin epidemic.”
As mental health and addiction professionals work with their patients to understand the trauma and shame histories that often lead to addiction, a better understanding of this trend is essential. The National Conference on Addiction Disorders has organized a panel of experts to discuss this issue in your community. Join us for an informative discussion, come prepared with questions, and network with your peers over lunch.
Upon attending this presentation, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the impact of concurrent opioid and stimulant use
  • Discuss strategies for treating patients using both substances
  • Explore the impact of trauma and shame histories on particular substance use
  • Share considerations for making referrals to treatment
One hour of continuing education credit will be available.
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Andrea McDonald-Fingland, LCSW-C
Mental Health Therapist at Serenity Acres Treatment Center
Andrea McDonald-Fingland is a licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical and has been practicing in the field of co-occurring behavioral health disorders for 5 years.  She began her career in an outpatient setting focusing primarily on mental health in a behavioral health clinic. See more...
Mark Donovan, LCPC, LCADC
CEO of Congruent Counseling Services and Integrative Counseling
Mark is a husband, proud father, and therapist. Mark is the Director of both Congruent Counseling and Integrative Counseling. Mark's goal when entering the field of counseling was to help people live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. See more...
Luke DeBoy, LGSW, CAC-AD
Director of Addictions at Tranquility Woods Premier Treatment Center
Luke DeBoy’s career as a counselor is deeply rooted in a passion for addictions medicine. From his own experiences to his impressive career in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, Luke is dedicated to a mission of recovery. See more...
*There is a $25 registration fee, but all attendees will receive a $25 American Express gift card at the conclusion of the event.
Registration is required to attend; seating is limited.