Use the below letter as a template to jusitfy your attendance at NCAD 2018 to your boss. 
Subject:  Request to Attend the National Conference on Alcohol & Addiction Disorders 2018
Dear [Decision Maker Name],
The National Conference on Alcohol & Addiction Disorders (NCAD) takes place from August 19-22, 2018 at the Disneyland Hotel.  NCAD is the premier, respected, and trusted national conference that provides a diverse educational curriculum on the prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery management of addictions that affect various genders, generations, and cultures.
I would like to request approval to attend this conference, as I believe it will not only keep me up to date on the latest research, case studies, and methodologies in treatment, but also give me practical, “put-into-action” takeaways that I can then share with my colleagues.
If I attend I will have the opportunity to:
  • Earn CEUs
  • Learn from a diverse curriculum that includes hot-topic areas.
  • Re-energize myself professionally through networking.
  • Experience NCAD’s important Gender Matters track.
  • Stay ahead of emerging topics that reflect today’s headlines.
  • And so much more.
PLUS, the conference registration fee includes coffee breaks and lunches.
The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows:  
Travel costs
Accommodation (4 nights at $224/night*)
Dinners (4 days at $25)
Standard Clinical Delegate Pass for 4 days
Total cost to attend:
*NCAD has this specially negotiated hotel rates for attendees. 
**If you qualify as a non-clinical professional, the delegate pass rate for 4 days is $645.
When I return from NCAD, I will compile a short presentation covering speakers’ presentation notes, useful vendor product information, new contacts made, and a proposal for implementing new ideas that will benefit our team. I will also make any conference materials available to my colleagues.
I thank you for your consideration.
[Add sign off]