Sponsors & Exhibitors
For all questions about becoming a sponsor or an exhibitor at NCAD please contact Cate Olszewski at colszewski@iabhc.com or 216-373-1234.
Attendee & Customer Service
For all questions about event reservation for NCAD please contact Kari Primiano at kprimiano@iabhc.com or 216-258-0867.
Continuing Education
For all questions about Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered at NCAD please contact Julie-Lynn Belon at jbelon@iabhc.com or 603-836-0327.
Media & Website
For all questions about media coverage of NCAD or the website please contact Abbegayle Morrow at amorrow@iabhc.com or 212-812-8429.
Presenters & Speakers
Questions from approved Speakers and Presenters at NCAD should be directed to Julie-Lynn Belon at jbelon@iabhc.com or 603-836-0327.
Mailing Address
National Conference on Addiction Disorders
216 E. 45th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10017
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Other Events
NCAD is produced by the Institute for the Advancement of Behavioral Healthcare. To learn more about our other conferences, please visit http://www.iadvancebehavioralhealthcare.com/events-resources