Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 8:05 AM - 8:50 AM


Edward Marx CHCIO, MS, FCHIME, Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Clinical / Healthcare Transformation
To reach the highest heights of health IT disruption and innovation, the CIO can't climb on his own.  Collaboration, flexibillity, and embracing change represent the core principles of success for an innovative health IT team.  From identifying low hanging fruit, but with a steady eye on not just reaching the top of the tree, but sharing its very foundation.
In this keynote session, join author, blogger, community contributor, internationally renowned speaker, mountain climber, and technologist, Cleveland Clinic CIO Ed Marx, as he sets the course and framework for driving innovative discussions and programs as a health IT leader.  Listen in as Marx as he eludes to experiences from his celebrated health IT career, successes, failures, and what it takes to summit the innovation mountain.


Morning Keynote Presentation

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