Friday, February 2, 2018, 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM


Cindy Compert CIPT/M, Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry, IBM Security and Privacy

According to a recent Market Pulse survey, one out of every five employees would sell their corporate credentials, up from one in seven a year ago. Traditional perimeter approaches to security are increasingly ineffective. With new Delivery Channels including cloud and mobile, new sources of information via medical and wearable devices and the use of analytics and cognitive computing, information has become much more pervasive, porous, and shared, making it more difficult to secure. What does this all mean for an organization? It means taking a new approach to security. Think of security as an immune system. a system of capabilities that work together to protect the entire organism regardless of where the threat is coming from.  
In this T2 Talk session, we will discuss recent security and industry trends and research, discuss the Immune System approach, how cognitive and AI can enhance a Security Immune System, plus provide practical advice for getting started building your own Security Immune System. We’ll cap off our session with a demonstration of a Security Immune System built in the Cloud. 


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