Thursday, February 1, 2018, 5:10 PM - 5:35 PM


Prentice Tom MD, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs, CEP America

Care providers are rapidly consolidating across specialties and increasingly sharing risk with health systems.  The push to integrate care and adhere to performance metrics is increasing.  Financial pressures are moving providers to create greater patient flow efficiencies.  IT can play a critical role in supporting the evolution of care.  Yet, the push to adopt new technologies is sometimes seen as a burden vs. a benefit.  This presentation focuses on the structure and culture of physician care provider groups and how IT companies can negotiate that environment to create winning partnerships. 
Through this presentation, attendees will learn
In this special keynote address Dr. Prentice Tom of CEP America, one of the largest physician organizations in the country, provides insight into the practitioner practice environment at a granular level,  highlighting the barriers and drivers to creating a successful relationship, while forging a meaningful roadmap for the future.


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