Thursday, February 1, 2018, 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM


Clark Kegley CHCIO, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Information Services, Scripps Health
Tommy Korn MD, FACS, Opthalmologist, Sharp Healthcare
Vicki DeBaca , VP, Health/Provider Services, Sharp Healthcare
Joseph Garcia , Chief Operating Officer, Community Health Group
Marc Sylwestrzak , Director, IS Experience and Development, UC San Diego Health

As healthcare increasingly embraces the "retail reality" of the future, the level of access to patient information and one's health has never been more individualized or available.  In two touches on a smartphone, a patient can now access lab tests, radiology images, and schedule appointments with their physician-- providing an "instant" access and support to the healthcare experience.  But what are providers doing to take this a step further, and incorporate an "Amazon-like" experience for the patient?
In this panel, we sit down with a diverse group of experts to discuss the latest trends and national approaches to "consumerizing" the care experience.  Hear about top consumer mobile applications from a cardiovacular AI advisor that recommends heart-healthy options nearby, to the OpenNotes movement which is engaging patients to better understand ailments and treatments.  Our panel will also discuss telehealth trends for psychiatry and behavioral health, in addition to educating at-risk populations and unique incentives for them to pursue their health on a daily basis.


Panel Discussion