Full Name
Harry Nelson JD, Esq.
Job Title
Behavioral Health Association of Providers
Speaker Bio
Born in Brazil and raised in suburban Detroit, Harry Nelson has become a leader nationally in tackling the most difficult healthcare challenges facing America. Harry has been called on to resolve messy issues around patient safety in prescribing and addiction medicine, fraud and reimbursement. He also has been a leader in defining the pathway for emerging models of care based on telehealth and digital technologies, as well as groundbreaking therapeutics, including CBD and cannabis. At the urging of clients confused about the future of U.S. healthcare, he co-authored the 2017 book, From ObamaCare to Trumpcare: Why You Should Care. In addition to his day job as managing partner of a leading healthcare/life sciences law firm, he serves as the board chair and has been a driving force behind the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP), a national education and advocacy organization that works to develop standards to improve the quality and safety of addiction treatment and behavioral health. His work in developing standards through BHAP was the impetus for his book about the opioid crisis.
Harry Nelson