Attendees will participate in a unique NCAD experiential activity and attend an educational session at the nearby WJW Treatment Center, Learn about its clinical care approach, and enjoy lunch. Transportation to and from the center is provided. A $25 registration fee is required to hold a spot, but participants will receive a $25 American Express gift card after the tour concludes.

Neuromodulation Interventions for Addictions Relapse Prevention

This session will present the scientific advances and case studies of treatment and relapse prevention of substance-use and co-occurring disorders by neuromodulation techniques. Non-invasive neuromodulation interventions include neurofeedback, binaural beat mindfulness meditation and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

The presentation will first explore the overall advances in neurobiology that have begun to clarify the mechanisms underlying the profound brain dysregulation in decision-making ability and also provide insight into the ways in which fundamental biologic processes, when disrupted, can alter voluntary behavioral control. Further, the session will provide real-world examples of successful application of neuromodulation interventions to target treatment and relapse prevention.

After attending this session, attendees will be able to:

1) Define neurobiological mechanisms underlying brain dysregulation and neuromodulation.
2) Identify the instances and conditions in which the implementation of neuromodulation treatment would be an effective treatment option.
3) Recite examples of case studies and recent advances in neuromodulation treatment for relapse prevention.