Executive & Leadership
How many times have you heard the airline's safety instruction: "Put your own mask on before assisting others"? The point is that you can't help others until you have your own house in order. Besides operating your center or practice in an ethical, legal and businesslike manner, you must also protect your greatest asset: your reputation. In a split second, executives can find themselves in a position where they need to manage a crisis situation that could put their entire enterprise in jeopardy. This fast-paced presentation will focus on a strategic approach to proactively and reactively communicating with stakeholders, often (though not always) through the filter of the media, during a wide variety of critical situations.

Use a "damage control playbook" to blunt, avoid or mitigate crisis situations.
Establish and maintain control of the message.
Know what to do when supervisors, attorneys and others insist on a strict no comment policy.