people with a diagnosis of addiction and yet its treatment and advancements in the practice of counseling is often taken for granted. Alcohol treatment is far from static. Every behavioral health counselor must ensure that the basic skills of treating alcohol addiction are kept at the highest levels. This workshop will look into the current treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder including MAT, psych-social treatment, mutual help, and social model. Similar to advancements in the treatment of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, where promise has been shown in combining cognitive therapy with pharmacotherapy, the study of best practices for alcohol use disorders will involve more instances of coordinated care. Learn how the concepts of integration, medication, and wrap around services are dramatically changing the staple of addiction counseling, treatment for alcohol dependence.

Describe the different treatments available for alcohol use disorder
Identify the best practices in treating individuals with alcohol Use disorder
Apply the information about treating alcohol use disorder in a practice, agency or organization.