This provocative presentation will explore the ways in which families transmit the core experiences of gender Socialization: the “Man Rules” and the “Woman Rules.” The session will discuss how the rules have changed significantly in the past 50 years and continue to transform the way we show up as human beings. Using a trauma- informed and compassionate lens, we will look at the complex ways that trauma shame and the experience of love interact in family systems both positively and negatively. Attendees will leave with new insights on how to work more effectively with families as well as personal tools for exploring their own core experiences of this complex and deeply-felt phenomenon.

.Explain and review the basics of family systems and gender socialization and how they influence our current relationships.
.Explain trauma as a defining and organizing experience that forms a recovering person’s sense of self, others in a family system
•Recognize and have a greater understanding of the way that families experience, process and exhibit the symptoms of trauma and how that influences our current relationships.