Full Name
Eric Yorlano
Job Title
Integrity Billing
Speaker Bio
Eric Yorlano is a visionary, striving for excellence in ethical industry practices. With his hallmark for resourcefulness, he surrounds himself with experts and thought leaders. He is passionate about patient advocacy, treatment and long-term recovery. The cornerstone for his skillset emanates from over two decades experience as a career regulator in the banking industry, extensively trained by the FDIC, FRB and OTS. This rich work experience left him with expertise in risk management, forensic assessment and analysis, project management, financial analysis. Eric’s professional career has spanned over two decades as a Bank Regulator for the State of New Jersey and as owner and CEO of Integrity Billing. Eric and his partner, Dr. Nancy Lobby, saw an opportunity to build a company that addressed deficiencies in billing practices in the health care industry. Their objective: to provide ethical, accurate, and effective solutions to billing and collections in the behavioral health industry.
Eric Yorlano