Full Name
Kenneth Blum BSc, MSc, PhD, DHL
Job Title
Chairman of Board and Chief Scientific Officer
Geneus Health, LLC
Speaker Bio
In 1995 Kenneth Blum retired from the University of Texas Health Science Center to enter the world of business and biotechnology. Blum continues to publish research articles and books and is actively pursuing numerous patents in the field of molecular genetics and nutrition. He is an active scientific director of the Path Medical Foundation. His concept of “reward deficiency syndrome” is being embraced in science and is part of the DSM-5. He serves as Editor in Chief of The Journal of Reward Deficiency Syndrome & Addictive Sciences and is currently serving on 12 other editorial boards. Additionally, he teaches at the department of psychiatry and McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida College of Medicine, at the University of Vermont Center for Clinical and Translational Science and at the department of psychiatry for the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. Blum also has been named honorary lifetime full professor in the department of psychology at Eötvös Loránd University, located in Budapest, Hungary. He currently serves as neuroscience advisor for Dominion Diagnostics.
Kenneth Blum