Medical Devices: A Focus on Patient Safety
Date & Time
Friday, November 10, 2017, 1:05 PM - 1:40 PM
Adam Brand
Medical devices are increasing in software and network connectivity dependency at a rapid pace --- and with the benefits of software and connectivity come vulnerabilities and exposure. From default passwords, to outdated software, to wireless issues, many connected medical devices are not worthy of the trust we or patients put in them. How can we all move forward, together, to ensure patient safety?
In this interactive session, Adam Brand, a medical device security specialist and volunteer with a grassroots organization called I Am The Cavalry, will review medical device security past, potential future, and current state. Learn about the past five years of security research into medical device vulnerabilities, including the results of a honeypot experiment where devices simulating medical devices were placed on the Internet. Consider what the future may hold should we not act now, through a review of potential risk areas and the results of some recent medical simulations and wargames. Finally, learn what concrete steps healthcare organizations are taking today to address this risk.
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