Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A Glimpse of What is Next
Date & Time
Thursday, November 9, 2017, 8:45 AM - 9:25 AM
Skip Rizzo
The next big thing.  Often described as transformational, disruptive, and groundbreaking—the next big thing in the year 2017 within healthcare is clearly artificial intelligence (AI).  But what practical impacts can the AI of today have on the healthcare environment, especially when integrated with virtual reality (VR) simulations that include Virtual Humans?

“Siri”-like AI has found a profound niche already within the lives of patients and providers alike, as AI can remind a patient to fill a prescription, help a patient book a checkup, remind a nurse to turn a patient to prevent pressure ulcers, and a host of other actions.  How will this impact healthcare when AI is embodied in a virtual human form that can appear on your mobile device or within an augmented or virtual reality simulation?
Join AI researcher and internationally recognized VR expert, Dr. Skip Rizzo, as he discusses recent R&D using  AI-driven virtual human programs, and why its potential may be truly limitless in delivering value to patients.  He will discuss the use of AI virtual humans that serve in the role as “Virtual Patients” for clinical training of healthcare providers and as online healthcare guides for breaking down barriers to care in resistant populations. Research on virtual human applications  for training social skills in persons on the autism spectrum and as clinical interviewer’s for patient screening will also be presented. Such projects have been developed at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies, and the talk will provide a brief overview of how AI and virtual reality is being used to foster credible human interaction with a virtual human in the healthcare context.  Listen and debate the latest use cases, ethical dilemmas that must be considered, and what CIOs and IT leadership need to know in applying effective AI VR to their care environments.