Tuesday, November 19, 2019 Presentations 

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9:30 AM   |   Managing Risk in Medicare
Lynn Barr

10:45 AM   |   How the State of Oregon Radically Transformed its Medicaid System Through the Creation of New Payment and Delivery Models
Jim Rickards

11:15 AM   |   The Independent Provider Perspective on Transitioning to Value Based Care
Melanie Matthews

11:45 AM   |   How to Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce Costs through Trusted Data Analytics and Governance
Kathy Sucich & Jessica Foy

1:00 PM  |   The Evolving Role of the CIO as a Champion for Change
Ed Kopetsky

3:30 PM  |  Clinical Supply Chain Integration in a Data-Driven Health Care Environment
Jimmy Chung

4:15 PM  |  The 10x Better Health Care Experience
Sara Vaezy


Wednesday, November 20, 2019 Presentations 

9:15 AM  |  ShiftWork: Learn How AI can Decrease Administrative Costs
Sean Lane

9:45 AM  |  The Good Fight Continues: NCPDP’s Standards-based Facilitator Model for PDMP to Take on the Opioid Epidemic
Lee Ann Stember

10:30 AM  |  Driving Healthcare Innovation with Nutanix
Joe Fontes

11:15 AM  |  Embracing Transformation Using Intelligent Data
Richard Cramer