Advancing Your Telehealth Strategy to Deliver Value-Based Care, Better Serve At-Risk Populations and Increase Efficiency
Date & Time
Friday, September 28, 2018, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
Mark Hagland Cheryl Hiddleson Stacy Mays Wyatt Yelverton
As legislative and reimbursement hurdles are crossed and new technology emerges more providers are using telehealth solutions in their population health strategies, to create new lines of service, provide value-based care and increase the number of patients they are able to serve. Panelists will share how they use telehealth solutions in their systems, how they implemented the solutions, the opportunities they see for growth and what you need to know to improve your telehealth strategy. Topics include: How to overcome reimbursement, legislative and technological barriers to telehealth adoption Tips for building a care culture that maintains positive patient/provider relationships and crates better quality of life for patients How they are using telehealth solutions to fulfill value-based care initiatives and create opportunities for physicians to care for more patients Investment strategies for telehealth technology and how investment in telehealth solutions allow providers to meet the consumerization demands of healthcare.