Govern Not Squash: The Road to Building a Flexible Clinical IT Governance Model
Date & Time
Friday, June 29, 2018, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Karen Thompson Edmund Jackson

Join our keynote speakers as they discuss the evolution of enterprise governance of clinical IT innovation, focusing on the data science portfolio.  Faced with the ever-growing interest in developing solutions leveraging the data science capabilities and the increased competition for enterprise funding, the two speakers worked together to create a flexible governance model. They were committed to design a model that would enable the pursuit of innovative solutions, while still providing a degree of discipline and without being overly bureaucratic.  They will share their insights and lessons learned with implementing a new governance model, noting how they have managed to:

  • Leverage existing governance committee best practices, while introducing new practices to strengthen engagement of key decision makers
  • Work within a traditional annual enterprise funding cycle to adopt a project life cycle using agile development
  • Prioritize new development opportunities quarterly
  • Conduct small experiments to quickly test assumptions and discontinue work on efforts that are not deemed viable
  • Evolve the internal dialogue among leaders to ensure that data science efforts are focused on delivering compelling solutions with tangible value