The Pillars of Population Health: A Paradigm Shift at Hackensack Meridian
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM
Navneet Kathuria
Population Health
Hackensack Meridian is a New Jersey-based health system with 7,000 physicians, represents 23% of discharges in the state of New Jersey, and is accountable for 350,000 lives. In just the past few years, in response to the size, scope, and needs of the community, the Hackensack Meridian team has completely revisited and restructured the foundation of their population health strategy.
In this keynote session, hear from an ACO leader, internationally-recognized speaker, and physician leader in Dr. Navneet Kathuria of Hackensack Meridian Health, as he illustrates why population health has expanded beyond evidence-based medicine. Join Dr. Kathuria and hear about building an ideal population health team, collecting sociodemographic information from data sources surrounding the patient , and why an "educated customer" is the best consumer of health.
Keynote Speaker: