At a Crossroads: Population Health and Managing Risk During the Opioid Crisis
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Todd Hjorth Dhrumil Shah Joan Papp Emily Mallar Donna Vela
Population Health
Following President Trump's declaration of the Opioid Crisis as a National Health Emergency, national initiatives have begun to take shape and receive a white-hot spotlight.
In the state of Ohio, and specifically in the Cleveland metropolitan area, opioid use has become rampant among certain patient groups.
This panel will attempt to address the concerns around opioid use, and how IT can be positioned to support better quality care and treatment of opioids in the future.
Attend this session and:
  • Identify critical system end-points that may be at risk due to use of older, unsupported operating systems
  • Examine medical devices as a security risk, and what both clinicians and security teams should be most concerned about
  • Prepare a blueprint for flagging, isolating, and retiring legacy systems that may be a network risk
  • Discuss how to drive enterprise leadership buy-in for the retirement of legacy systems