It Takes a Village: Collaborating to Secure Your Organization
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Pamela Banchy David Kaelber Karen Martinko Ricky Aldridge Keith Duemling
When it comes to securing patient data, it takes a village - every team member must be acting in lockstep to advance an organization's security and privacy objectives. In this panel discussion, we explore how collaboration can ultimately lead to new workflows that are a win-win for security personnel, clinicians, and patients alike.  Listen in as we tackle the primary considerations for access controls, phishing and social engineering campaigns, and clinical workflows that are now being designed with security and privacy in mind.
Attend this session and:
  • Discover new cybersecurity and privacy practices for clinical professionals¬†
  • Breakdown the intersection of clinical workflows and security elements that must be integrated into modern systems and processes
  • Discuss effective approaches to staff training paradigms including social engineering, penetration testing, phishing, and HIPAA privacy issues
  • Illustrate how clinicians and security personnel can collaborate to craft effective incident response protocols