Privilege-Related Risks Lurking in Your Cloud? Halt Stealthy Threats.
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Brandon Traffanstedt
Privileged credentials in the cloud are consistently sought by attackers and are exploited in every modern breach. Understand how to identify privilege-related risks in the cloud by thinking like an attacker and better protect cloud workloads. Learn from case studies highlighting sneaky threats in native cloud and hybrid environments in addition to elastic environments and CI/CD pipelines.
Attendees of this session will:
  • Highlight unsecured Cloud workflows are being exploited by threat attackers at an alarming rate. Businesses and InfoSec teams are finding it difficult to keep up oversight when dealing with fragmented environments and toolchains.
  • Discuss breach examples, red team scenario, and threat modeling
  • Establish secure identity for humans and machines—why is it so difficult and what can we do?
  • Identify 6 general steps for securing Cloud workloads
    • Discover and measure risk in cloud environments—use free tools to help
    • Lock down human access into Cloud Management Consoles
    • Establish security policies that touch disparate environments
    • Don’t forget your non-human processes
    • Automate the onboarding of new privileged secrets—manual simply doesn’t scale
    • Plan for multiple Cloud environments
  • Discuss case studies and available resources